Sony And Anonymous

Ok Lets Get one thing Straight.

ANONYNOUS did NOT Steal Data from Sony, especially not User and credit card data..

From the beginning Anon has had one purpose and that alone. To punish the wicked. This does not include the users only the corporations and organizations that try to hurt and destroy the freedom of the internets.

In the world of hackers the BIGGEST thing among TRUE hackers is not to do damage. Sony’s so called evidence of files left with the Anon name and slogan (Not even the complete slogan mind you) says nothing at all other then the true perpetrators left a nice red Herring behind to throw people off the scent and Sony in their infinite wisdom are stupid enough to follow it.

Look at the Logic.

Anon has in the past taken down Actual Credit card companies in the past along with paypal another place where they would have had access to Tons More user data and credit data then Sony. During these events there was no such action taken when If they wanted they could have. Its very convenient for Sony, Overly Convenient as a matter of fact to find something like this jsut sitting with a file actually named Anonymous. Seriously WTF!!!

I Will note. YES during the opening stages of these events there was an Op Against Sony being run by Anon, But that does not mean they are the ones that perpetrated the hack. As a matter of fact. Anon redirected their cannons when it became apparent that their activity was doing more harm to PSN User then they were comfortable with and redirected to just dealing with Sony’s websites so as to not hurt the users. In all likeliness the Actual hack was done by some 3rd party group that used the opening inadvertently created by the Op to take advantage of Sony’s weak security. Its a classic move actually. The Fact that Sony cant see it just goes to show how poor they are with their security. Using Anon as a scapegoat enables them to easily pass off their own failures in security and makes it so they look like simple victims. The Truth of the matter their horrible security and poor practices left openings that would have enable any concerted script kiddie the chance to get into their network. The person or people that decided to do it just happened to use the cover of the Anon Op to make it easier to cover their tracks.

Another point to note. Anon as an organization, or shall we say disorganization, is everyone and yet noone. I can admit that YEs it is POSSIBLE for a person in some way connected to anon Might have pulled off the hack, or even some subgroup, BUT let me make this Perfectly Clear.. THEY DID NOT IN ANY WAY ACT with the group consensus of the Anon members. Although there is no leaders or organization to the membership of Anon. actions done in the Anon name are are carefully selected and agreed upon by ALL persons involved. No one person acts in the name of Anon. Everything Done with the Anon name is agreed upon by Everyone involved. At no time was it ever agreed upon or even discussed to steal user data and credit information from Sony.

It has been proven that even with the Anarchy structure of The Anon they are much smarter then to take an action such as what they are accused of and to leave such Blatant evidence behind. Sony is using the fact that Anon is truly untraceable to back out of explaining how exactly they got robbed in the first place. Man Up Sony, and admit you dont know who did it and next time Patch your servers and Put up a firewall!!!!!!!!


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