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My Review of Sucker Punch

OK So let me say this.. This is not a Video game Movie. I have seen a lot of reviews and Comments relating this to a VG film.. It most certainly is not. The story is all Mind Screw making the name Truly Fitting. When the end comes around it is definitely a sucker punch to the face. The Action scenes are a pure Joy and in my best description, I would equate it to a Live action Anime on par with the likes of babydollCasshern (the ONLY movie I think that has managed to be a good Comic/Manga crossover to live action).

The Story was exceptional and manages to keep you well hooked. Its dark and gritty with a lot of tense moments. At the same time it presents a very good story that fits the theme perfectly. If your not paying attention you might get lost, but the movie still manages to tie the three worlds together rather well. Another Key to the Movie and story was the soundtrack selection which was Awesome indeed, I highly recommend picking it up/downloading it whatever.

The Visuals were top notch. Aside for a lot of beautiful women, the environments and atmosphere were very well done. It gave me the feeling , again in my best way of describing it, of an anime come to life. Cute ladies kicking ass in a world you wouldn’t want to imagine is the basic summing up. The action was well choreographed and there was none of the cheesiness one would expect. Each of the places the ladies hmm ill say work in to reach their goals are truly engaging. The portrayal of power/skill I would have to say was even better then Thor. On a purely Character to character basis I’d say BabyDoll would give Thor a run for his Money, but that’s only based on the Characters portrayals between the two movies.

The Acting was also top of the line, I don’t know any of the actresses from anything prior at least that I recognize, but they did superb jobs. Each one made you want to feel for them and made their part believable. The “Wise Man”  I do recognize from Backdraft and a few others and he too played his part well. The characters that you were supposed to love were loved and the ones you should hate, you REALLY hated.

This Movie Truly lives up to its name.



My View of Thor

So Just finished with Thor, and I have to say, very good indeed.

Thor was not exactly My comic of choice so I wont comment on the relation to the comics and cannon of the story line. I will say it does set a nice stage for the character though. It is at its heart sort of a redemption story and somewhat predictable but it flowed rather nicely. They developed Thor well and set a nice backdrop for the future of the franchise. I look forward to seeing him again.

As for the visuals of the movie. I’d have to say they are rather well done. One of the hardest things to do when making Live action movies from comics is giving a good translation of a characters power. Now Thor is undoubtedly a god. Translating that kind of power to anything live action is going to be hard but they did an OK job of that. I only say OK but then again I have yet to see ANYTHING live action that really shows what it is like for a god to do battle. The effects they did use for Thor’s fights was done nicely but I just didn’t get that godlike feel, but to their credit it wasn’t cheesy either. I did enjoy his action scenes as a mortal though, they were a lot more believable. I will give major credit on one thing though Asgard was Rendered BEAUTIFULLY. I will prob go back and see it in 3D just for the Asgard scenes.

The Acting was Kinda Meh over all. Though Chris Hemsworth was an exceptional Thor and he drew me into the character. Anthony Hopkins was a great choice for Odin also but then again I believe Anthony is great in every part he has played. Otherwise the other characters though decently casted left no real lasting impression and only seemed to be filler.

I recommend Any comic geek to see it, and it makes a decent fantasy/action movie also.


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