My View of Thor

So Just finished with Thor, and I have to say, very good indeed.

Thor was not exactly My comic of choice so I wont comment on the relation to the comics and cannon of the story line. I will say it does set a nice stage for the character though. It is at its heart sort of a redemption story and somewhat predictable but it flowed rather nicely. They developed Thor well and set a nice backdrop for the future of the franchise. I look forward to seeing him again.

As for the visuals of the movie. I’d have to say they are rather well done. One of the hardest things to do when making Live action movies from comics is giving a good translation of a characters power. Now Thor is undoubtedly a god. Translating that kind of power to anything live action is going to be hard but they did an OK job of that. I only say OK but then again I have yet to see ANYTHING live action that really shows what it is like for a god to do battle. The effects they did use for Thor’s fights was done nicely but I just didn’t get that godlike feel, but to their credit it wasn’t cheesy either. I did enjoy his action scenes as a mortal though, they were a lot more believable. I will give major credit on one thing though Asgard was Rendered BEAUTIFULLY. I will prob go back and see it in 3D just for the Asgard scenes.

The Acting was Kinda Meh over all. Though Chris Hemsworth was an exceptional Thor and he drew me into the character. Anthony Hopkins was a great choice for Odin also but then again I believe Anthony is great in every part he has played. Otherwise the other characters though decently casted left no real lasting impression and only seemed to be filler.

I recommend Any comic geek to see it, and it makes a decent fantasy/action movie also.



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