State of Anime and Manga Address (Bleach)

I have to say two of my favorite Anime running at this time are Bleach and Naruto Shippuden.

Well used to be is more like it. I think its getting to be time to find something to replace Bleach. Originally the only thing I had against Bleach was its filler. It was abysmal and dull. I think the series reached its peak with the end of Aizen and should be put to rest for something new. Now even in the manga its getting to be rather blasé, and the anime itself the current filler arch is just sad. I was notBleach really a fan of their filler before but between watching Bleach and Naruto it’s a world of difference. I actually like and look forward in way to some of Naruto’s filler. The only halfway decent filler arch they had was the Bount invasion which I have to say I did enjoy to a degree but could have been a lot better.

Ichigo was developed well as a character but I think they burned him out to quickly. We still have little to no idea where Chad or Inoue get their power from exactly though we are getting some glimpses of Chads origin in the Manga but still nothing on Inoue which undoubtedly has an incredible ability. This would have been a great basis of some filler! They need to develop these supporting characters more and filler is a great way to do that.

The current anime arch for Bleach is crap. Basically some 7th seat from the R & D division has made clones of most of the key members of the Gotei 13, Separated the Spirit and living worlds, and plans to take over both. First he needs some chick with repressed memories to gain the needed power to do so. Blah Blah Blah.. I don’t care.

Back in the real world in the manga (one thing I hate is that there is NO reflection of events at all when dealing with filler) Ichigo is training with another new “secret society” (How the heck do all the groups keep themselves soo well hidden, First the Visored were never detected in 100+ years now these guys!?!?!) of sorts to gain some semblance of power back after losing complete access to his shinigami skills. What he now has is a “Fullbring” skill that he has basically developed overnight to nearly be as decent as he was with his Banki. Apparently this is the same ability that gives Chad his power also. Ichigo has already met and attacked the resident bad guy who has done “something” to Inoue, and has hospitalized Ishida. Ichigo has shown some highly impressive skills but has the typical long way to go. To be honest I don’t feel like I have anything invested in finding out more about the current story any more, it looks to be the same thing all over again with Ichigo and nothing new or interesting is really being presented. I Might just drop Bleach from this point on, there has been a lot of people pushing me towards One Piece.


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  1. I dropped Bleach. It was just tiring after awhile. I like One Piece but I have to catch up with it in the summer.

  2. Very good points and I have to say I agree on all accounts. I’m going to see Bleach through to the end for better or worse. There is no question that Tite Kubo deserves credit for this series, and while it seems he’s having trouble get his pace back, I can see that he is trying.

    The “Save Rukia” arc is spammed as the best arc, but seriously, I think it’s still the reason I read Bleach. He still knows how to articulate a good fight though.

  3. Oh, by the way, One Piece is amazing. It has it’s ups and downs and takes a little to grow on you, but when it does, it’s epic. Oda is very talented and committed to his work, it’s worth checking out, James.

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