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State of the Anime Manga Address (Naruto)

I have to say I was a latecomer to the Naruto world. I tired to watch Naruto a few years back and just didn’t enjoy it. I have come to realize that the “Americanized” dubbed version sucks. To truly enjoy the Naruto series you have to watch it subbed. Since I started watching the dubbed version I could not stop. Just to feed my lust for the show I started reading the manga and have never turned back. My Anime joy started Several years ago but Naruto was the cause of my fall to the Manga world.


Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most interesting and well developed heroes I have seen. We have watched him closely as he has grown from a 12 year old little brat to a well rounded young adult and hero of his village. He started out just wanting to be recognized and since has become the one that everyone wants to catch up to.

The writing and story of Naruto has been very well handled. Both Anime and Manga keep you driven to find out what comes next. Even when the Anime is in filler mode it still keeps you well engaged in the story, usually taking that time to present deeper development not just of the main character but all of the main players in the series. Even if most filler is not considered “canon” it still provides some kinda insight to the characters and feels very fitting. The Manga is also exceptionally well written and drawn. I simply cant wait to get to the next chapter and see what happens.

Currently the Anime is working its way up to the war. We have a while to go but Madara has made his intentions clear. He plans to go to war to get the 8 and 9 tails he needs to fulfill his domination plans (Funny domination is EXACTLY the proper word for what he wants to do).. Sasuke is going over the deep end big time and I believe *Spoiler Highlight to see* Sakura though she loves him is going to try and come close to killing him. We will see how dark he truly has become when he tries to kill her though *Spoiler over*. The relation between Naruto and Sasuke is about to become truly strained. I think The straw that really broke Naruto’s back and made him see the light was when even Gaara basically said its time to give up on Sasuke. The fact that it looked like it literally broke Naruto’s heart says a lot. I Felt truly bad for him as its always tough when you realize that death may be the only way to save someone you care so much for.

Sasuke’s Fight with Danzo was pretty good. I still think it may have just been Danzo that sent Itachi to kill his family but reading the details of the whole ordeal on the Wiki kinda spoils it. I still want to believe though cause I’m that kinda fanboy, and I want to see something come up that gives Sasuke pause to think. Still cant wait to see the upcoming events.

Please Note the Following section will contain spoilers for people that are just watching the Anime Please skip if you do not want to know what’s coming up.

Now onto the manga. The war is now into full swing and the big guns are coming out. I wasn’t expecting Madara to show his hand so quickly actually. I now have MAD respect for Choji even if I think the “butterfly” wings are kinda sissy. I actually expected him to sis out but he manned up rather well and handled his ex teacher like a boss. Madara hitting the scene so early kinda has me thinking that we wont get to see a lot of the others throwing good smack downs now especially with Naruto and Bee hitting the scene too. I really would have like to see a few more skirmishes before we got to this point. I really want to see Madara and his gang get beat back a bit at least for now let loose and show that hes not quite ready to go this far yet and have him retreat. Its just the fanboy in me wants to know one thing sooo badly and that is. WTF does Naruto have to say about Hinata’s confession!. I mean seriously she almost got herself killed for him come on now! Beyond that though its amazing to see how much Naruto has progressed. When he took out Kisame I swear  he moved like his fathers teleport ability. The fact alone that literally Noone has been able to stop him says a lot and they really tried, it will be interesting to see what Tsunade and A have planned to stop Bee and Naruto though I doubt its going to work.


State of Anime and Manga Address (Bleach)

I have to say two of my favorite Anime running at this time are Bleach and Naruto Shippuden.

Well used to be is more like it. I think its getting to be time to find something to replace Bleach. Originally the only thing I had against Bleach was its filler. It was abysmal and dull. I think the series reached its peak with the end of Aizen and should be put to rest for something new. Now even in the manga its getting to be rather blasé, and the anime itself the current filler arch is just sad. I was notBleach really a fan of their filler before but between watching Bleach and Naruto it’s a world of difference. I actually like and look forward in way to some of Naruto’s filler. The only halfway decent filler arch they had was the Bount invasion which I have to say I did enjoy to a degree but could have been a lot better.

Ichigo was developed well as a character but I think they burned him out to quickly. We still have little to no idea where Chad or Inoue get their power from exactly though we are getting some glimpses of Chads origin in the Manga but still nothing on Inoue which undoubtedly has an incredible ability. This would have been a great basis of some filler! They need to develop these supporting characters more and filler is a great way to do that.

The current anime arch for Bleach is crap. Basically some 7th seat from the R & D division has made clones of most of the key members of the Gotei 13, Separated the Spirit and living worlds, and plans to take over both. First he needs some chick with repressed memories to gain the needed power to do so. Blah Blah Blah.. I don’t care.

Back in the real world in the manga (one thing I hate is that there is NO reflection of events at all when dealing with filler) Ichigo is training with another new “secret society” (How the heck do all the groups keep themselves soo well hidden, First the Visored were never detected in 100+ years now these guys!?!?!) of sorts to gain some semblance of power back after losing complete access to his shinigami skills. What he now has is a “Fullbring” skill that he has basically developed overnight to nearly be as decent as he was with his Banki. Apparently this is the same ability that gives Chad his power also. Ichigo has already met and attacked the resident bad guy who has done “something” to Inoue, and has hospitalized Ishida. Ichigo has shown some highly impressive skills but has the typical long way to go. To be honest I don’t feel like I have anything invested in finding out more about the current story any more, it looks to be the same thing all over again with Ichigo and nothing new or interesting is really being presented. I Might just drop Bleach from this point on, there has been a lot of people pushing me towards One Piece.

Sony And Anonymous

Ok Lets Get one thing Straight.

ANONYNOUS did NOT Steal Data from Sony, especially not User and credit card data..

From the beginning Anon has had one purpose and that alone. To punish the wicked. This does not include the users only the corporations and organizations that try to hurt and destroy the freedom of the internets.

In the world of hackers the BIGGEST thing among TRUE hackers is not to do damage. Sony’s so called evidence of files left with the Anon name and slogan (Not even the complete slogan mind you) says nothing at all other then the true perpetrators left a nice red Herring behind to throw people off the scent and Sony in their infinite wisdom are stupid enough to follow it.

Look at the Logic.

Anon has in the past taken down Actual Credit card companies in the past along with paypal another place where they would have had access to Tons More user data and credit data then Sony. During these events there was no such action taken when If they wanted they could have. Its very convenient for Sony, Overly Convenient as a matter of fact to find something like this jsut sitting with a file actually named Anonymous. Seriously WTF!!!

I Will note. YES during the opening stages of these events there was an Op Against Sony being run by Anon, But that does not mean they are the ones that perpetrated the hack. As a matter of fact. Anon redirected their cannons when it became apparent that their activity was doing more harm to PSN User then they were comfortable with and redirected to just dealing with Sony’s websites so as to not hurt the users. In all likeliness the Actual hack was done by some 3rd party group that used the opening inadvertently created by the Op to take advantage of Sony’s weak security. Its a classic move actually. The Fact that Sony cant see it just goes to show how poor they are with their security. Using Anon as a scapegoat enables them to easily pass off their own failures in security and makes it so they look like simple victims. The Truth of the matter their horrible security and poor practices left openings that would have enable any concerted script kiddie the chance to get into their network. The person or people that decided to do it just happened to use the cover of the Anon Op to make it easier to cover their tracks.

Another point to note. Anon as an organization, or shall we say disorganization, is everyone and yet noone. I can admit that YEs it is POSSIBLE for a person in some way connected to anon Might have pulled off the hack, or even some subgroup, BUT let me make this Perfectly Clear.. THEY DID NOT IN ANY WAY ACT with the group consensus of the Anon members. Although there is no leaders or organization to the membership of Anon. actions done in the Anon name are are carefully selected and agreed upon by ALL persons involved. No one person acts in the name of Anon. Everything Done with the Anon name is agreed upon by Everyone involved. At no time was it ever agreed upon or even discussed to steal user data and credit information from Sony.

It has been proven that even with the Anarchy structure of The Anon they are much smarter then to take an action such as what they are accused of and to leave such Blatant evidence behind. Sony is using the fact that Anon is truly untraceable to back out of explaining how exactly they got robbed in the first place. Man Up Sony, and admit you dont know who did it and next time Patch your servers and Put up a firewall!!!!!!!!

For all my Lady Geeks

Recently I came across this Post

Can you be a hot girl AND a nerd?

First I want to say.. the subject was not about Nerdiness but Geekiness. Nerds and Geeks are 2 different (not very different but still) groups. Nerds are in the most basic of outlooks more of the Academic “Brainy” side of things. While I generally like what the Beat had to say the fact alone that they made the error of using Nerds vs Geeks shows a lack of understanding in general. Another aspect that they focused on that was incorrect.. Liking, and being a fan does not make one a geek. Geeks do Like and are fans of something but it does not work the other way around. Yes in the examples provided they all said they Liked or were Fans of something that might have had something to do with Geek culture, and yes there might have been some name dropping.. At most they were showing their fandom BUT that does not make them Geeks about it.

Someone that likes Starwars for example would have seen the original Movies several times and Has a hook on a few good quotes. Ok you like it. A Fan would know some of the more Obscure facts Like R2 got his name from Reel 2 Dialog 2. A Geek on the other hand has imersed themselves in the world of Starwars.. They Know what was Said Reel 2 Dialog 2, They Know the emperor wasn’t really dead, They Know Luke Has a Kid with Mara who ends up killing one of Han and Leia’s twins. That is a Star wars Geek.

Now to the Core of the Subject.

Who The Frak Cares!!!!!!!!!

The biggest problem with the whole Cute Girls being gamers/geeks/nerds or not is the fact that people KEEP BRINGING IT UP!!!!!

Stop worrying about it, eventually the subject will die down and go away. First it was always the matter of girls/ladies being in this little world, now people want to focus on the way they look. For the sake of the powers that be Just drop it. Have you people nothing better to talk about in these little worlds OTHER then looks?!?!?!

In the World of geekdom we have Billions upon billions of things to discuss, the looks of our members is above all thing the LAST thing we need to build discussions on. People in these very posts are complaining about how using ones looks to garner “publicity” is a bad thing and bad for our community. Well posts like this one are the very same thing, they pander to using looks and cuteness to draw a crowd. Stop it. You can draw a crowd by using good and reasonable subjects to the community without focusing on the looks of the ladies. I dont care if its a guy or a girl, cute or hideous Chud doing the story as long as the story pertains to the subject at hand and is well written.

Drop the subject for once and find something real to write about. The ladies are out there.. Yes some are even cute, but the subject has been discussed and commented on time and again, I think its time to move on to something a little more important.

This is Redickulouse

First off yes I know I spelled it wrong.. Second.. i dont really care.. Those that know me know I cant spell so get over it.

Ok This whole Thing with the Wikileaks Guy is getting out of hand. It seams like everyone wants to scream and hollar about all the wrong stuff. First its the whole deal of Julian being some sort of terroist? Being a terrorist entails TERRORIZING the populace.. the only people that can truly be terrorized by the information he has provided are the embassadors and others involved in these communications that made themselves look like idiots.

Now the big thing going around is the deal with Anonymous. Now these guys I would be willing to stand behind.. I have hmmm I will just say I have been rooting for them since the incidents with the Co$. They also are not attempting to start any type of war or truly scare people into doign what they feel is right.. All the want is to bring attention to as many people as possible to the serious errors in processes that are occurring.Their targets are carefully chosen mainly to say Hey! What your doing sucks and isnt really fair. A good example is their slapping of credit services.. I truly doubt that the Newspapers and other agencies involved would have had their accounts halted. But big bad Julian yes he must be punished? WTFrak is that.. Oh Thats right. Taking down Big named contenders would piss off too may people that line their pockets.

This is nothing more then the classic governmental tactic of calling a witch hunt on an individual or group to defer attention away from  one of their major screw ups.

Why is there no focus on the person/peoples that supplied Julian with the information. If this information was So confidential then why was it not handled more securely in the first place. These are the things that people should be focusing on.

Not to mention above all. Alot of the stuff presented in these communications just shows the people that “support” all these Gov officials and representatives exactly what their money is paying for. We the people supporting them kinda have a right to know what is going on if we choose to read it. Exspecially since one Screwed up comment or remark could lead to serious problems. When we have people that are representing us we should know how they are doing it and what they have to say to and about the people we are be represented to.

Now in general most of this could have just blown over and would have quieted down by now. We all know in general most of the populace has little to no desire to look inot what is really going on. Had everyone not decided to jump on the bandwagon of wanting to lynch Julian for “giving away government secrets” then it would have mostly fallen into the world of obscurity and conspiracy.. heck most people would have viewed it the same as the UFO records. Instead Way to much credence has been provided to the whole ordeal by the actions that have been taken on both sides. All these government agencies have proven is exactly how embarrassed they are by all of this. First in the communications themselves and then in the fact that they were completely unable to keep it contained. Instead Now More and more people are actually interested and wondering about it and starting to see what really goes on behind the scenes.

The Action taken against Julian is completely unfair and unbalanced.. the Degree that these organizations have gone to only hardens the fact that obviously there is something they want hidden. And its even more obvious that governmental pressure and Small interest groups are pushing for more to be done.

The other problem is that with all the actions they are taking and time they are spending focusing on this one very simple issue how much manpower and money is being wasted? Thats MY money being dumped into this. And actions that clearly violates several Moral and ethical rights are being taken and everyone is Ok with it because they label it as “terrorism”. Ok I get it.. Its a big scary word but for the love of something good. THINK.. Just how much do we have to give up in order to feel “safe” We are quickly reaching the point in our collective societies where the comfort of being “safe” from “terrorism” will become “Fear” fear our own privacy and a lack of comfort in our own lives. How much longer until we are in a position where we are unable to have any freedom to think or say what we want for fear that WE will be considered terrorist simply because we disagree with the ruling power?

We are falling swiftly down a hole we will not be able to climb out of. At some point we have to hold our government personalities responsible for their actions instead of always letting them get away with diverting the attention to something petty.

Lets Put things into perspective for once.

Julian Did not release troop Movements, the names of undercover agents, or the codes to launch a nuclear strike. He is not a terrorist, hes not demanding money from anyone, hes not charging people or selling the information to the highest bidder. He just let the world know what the people representing our governments have to say when they think our backs are turned, which honestly i think we have a right to know. EVERYONE with half a braincell would know if you dont want people to know what your thinking… NEVER EVER write it down and pass it to someone. We learned this from passing notes in school, you never know when the teacher is going to catch you and make you read it to the class.

Secondly if you look at it correctly it goes to show just how sad and easy it is to get this information and maybe the time and energy being wasted screwing up this one mans life would be better spent on securing the communication system in the first place.

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