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State of the Anime Manga Address (Naruto)

I have to say I was a latecomer to the Naruto world. I tired to watch Naruto a few years back and just didn’t enjoy it. I have come to realize that the “Americanized” dubbed version sucks. To truly enjoy the Naruto series you have to watch it subbed. Since I started watching the dubbed version I could not stop. Just to feed my lust for the show I started reading the manga and have never turned back. My Anime joy started Several years ago but Naruto was the cause of my fall to the Manga world.


Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most interesting and well developed heroes I have seen. We have watched him closely as he has grown from a 12 year old little brat to a well rounded young adult and hero of his village. He started out just wanting to be recognized and since has become the one that everyone wants to catch up to.

The writing and story of Naruto has been very well handled. Both Anime and Manga keep you driven to find out what comes next. Even when the Anime is in filler mode it still keeps you well engaged in the story, usually taking that time to present deeper development not just of the main character but all of the main players in the series. Even if most filler is not considered “canon” it still provides some kinda insight to the characters and feels very fitting. The Manga is also exceptionally well written and drawn. I simply cant wait to get to the next chapter and see what happens.

Currently the Anime is working its way up to the war. We have a while to go but Madara has made his intentions clear. He plans to go to war to get the 8 and 9 tails he needs to fulfill his domination plans (Funny domination is EXACTLY the proper word for what he wants to do).. Sasuke is going over the deep end big time and I believe *Spoiler Highlight to see* Sakura though she loves him is going to try and come close to killing him. We will see how dark he truly has become when he tries to kill her though *Spoiler over*. The relation between Naruto and Sasuke is about to become truly strained. I think The straw that really broke Naruto’s back and made him see the light was when even Gaara basically said its time to give up on Sasuke. The fact that it looked like it literally broke Naruto’s heart says a lot. I Felt truly bad for him as its always tough when you realize that death may be the only way to save someone you care so much for.

Sasuke’s Fight with Danzo was pretty good. I still think it may have just been Danzo that sent Itachi to kill his family but reading the details of the whole ordeal on the Wiki kinda spoils it. I still want to believe though cause I’m that kinda fanboy, and I want to see something come up that gives Sasuke pause to think. Still cant wait to see the upcoming events.

Please Note the Following section will contain spoilers for people that are just watching the Anime Please skip if you do not want to know what’s coming up.

Now onto the manga. The war is now into full swing and the big guns are coming out. I wasn’t expecting Madara to show his hand so quickly actually. I now have MAD respect for Choji even if I think the “butterfly” wings are kinda sissy. I actually expected him to sis out but he manned up rather well and handled his ex teacher like a boss. Madara hitting the scene so early kinda has me thinking that we wont get to see a lot of the others throwing good smack downs now especially with Naruto and Bee hitting the scene too. I really would have like to see a few more skirmishes before we got to this point. I really want to see Madara and his gang get beat back a bit at least for now let loose and show that hes not quite ready to go this far yet and have him retreat. Its just the fanboy in me wants to know one thing sooo badly and that is. WTF does Naruto have to say about Hinata’s confession!. I mean seriously she almost got herself killed for him come on now! Beyond that though its amazing to see how much Naruto has progressed. When he took out Kisame I swear  he moved like his fathers teleport ability. The fact alone that literally Noone has been able to stop him says a lot and they really tried, it will be interesting to see what Tsunade and A have planned to stop Bee and Naruto though I doubt its going to work.


State of Anime and Manga Address (Bleach)

I have to say two of my favorite Anime running at this time are Bleach and Naruto Shippuden.

Well used to be is more like it. I think its getting to be time to find something to replace Bleach. Originally the only thing I had against Bleach was its filler. It was abysmal and dull. I think the series reached its peak with the end of Aizen and should be put to rest for something new. Now even in the manga its getting to be rather blasé, and the anime itself the current filler arch is just sad. I was notBleach really a fan of their filler before but between watching Bleach and Naruto it’s a world of difference. I actually like and look forward in way to some of Naruto’s filler. The only halfway decent filler arch they had was the Bount invasion which I have to say I did enjoy to a degree but could have been a lot better.

Ichigo was developed well as a character but I think they burned him out to quickly. We still have little to no idea where Chad or Inoue get their power from exactly though we are getting some glimpses of Chads origin in the Manga but still nothing on Inoue which undoubtedly has an incredible ability. This would have been a great basis of some filler! They need to develop these supporting characters more and filler is a great way to do that.

The current anime arch for Bleach is crap. Basically some 7th seat from the R & D division has made clones of most of the key members of the Gotei 13, Separated the Spirit and living worlds, and plans to take over both. First he needs some chick with repressed memories to gain the needed power to do so. Blah Blah Blah.. I don’t care.

Back in the real world in the manga (one thing I hate is that there is NO reflection of events at all when dealing with filler) Ichigo is training with another new “secret society” (How the heck do all the groups keep themselves soo well hidden, First the Visored were never detected in 100+ years now these guys!?!?!) of sorts to gain some semblance of power back after losing complete access to his shinigami skills. What he now has is a “Fullbring” skill that he has basically developed overnight to nearly be as decent as he was with his Banki. Apparently this is the same ability that gives Chad his power also. Ichigo has already met and attacked the resident bad guy who has done “something” to Inoue, and has hospitalized Ishida. Ichigo has shown some highly impressive skills but has the typical long way to go. To be honest I don’t feel like I have anything invested in finding out more about the current story any more, it looks to be the same thing all over again with Ichigo and nothing new or interesting is really being presented. I Might just drop Bleach from this point on, there has been a lot of people pushing me towards One Piece.

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