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For all my Lady Geeks

Recently I came across this Post

Can you be a hot girl AND a nerd?

First I want to say.. the subject was not about Nerdiness but Geekiness. Nerds and Geeks are 2 different (not very different but still) groups. Nerds are in the most basic of outlooks more of the Academic “Brainy” side of things. While I generally like what the Beat had to say the fact alone that they made the error of using Nerds vs Geeks shows a lack of understanding in general. Another aspect that they focused on that was incorrect.. Liking, and being a fan does not make one a geek. Geeks do Like and are fans of something but it does not work the other way around. Yes in the examples provided they all said they Liked or were Fans of something that might have had something to do with Geek culture, and yes there might have been some name dropping.. At most they were showing their fandom BUT that does not make them Geeks about it.

Someone that likes Starwars for example would have seen the original Movies several times and Has a hook on a few good quotes. Ok you like it. A Fan would know some of the more Obscure facts Like R2 got his name from Reel 2 Dialog 2. A Geek on the other hand has imersed themselves in the world of Starwars.. They Know what was Said Reel 2 Dialog 2, They Know the emperor wasn’t really dead, They Know Luke Has a Kid with Mara who ends up killing one of Han and Leia’s twins. That is a Star wars Geek.

Now to the Core of the Subject.

Who The Frak Cares!!!!!!!!!

The biggest problem with the whole Cute Girls being gamers/geeks/nerds or not is the fact that people KEEP BRINGING IT UP!!!!!

Stop worrying about it, eventually the subject will die down and go away. First it was always the matter of girls/ladies being in this little world, now people want to focus on the way they look. For the sake of the powers that be Just drop it. Have you people nothing better to talk about in these little worlds OTHER then looks?!?!?!

In the World of geekdom we have Billions upon billions of things to discuss, the looks of our members is above all thing the LAST thing we need to build discussions on. People in these very posts are complaining about how using ones looks to garner “publicity” is a bad thing and bad for our community. Well posts like this one are the very same thing, they pander to using looks and cuteness to draw a crowd. Stop it. You can draw a crowd by using good and reasonable subjects to the community without focusing on the looks of the ladies. I dont care if its a guy or a girl, cute or hideous Chud doing the story as long as the story pertains to the subject at hand and is well written.

Drop the subject for once and find something real to write about. The ladies are out there.. Yes some are even cute, but the subject has been discussed and commented on time and again, I think its time to move on to something a little more important.

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